Ooops. I just lost my entire LD48 web tree - my log, my screenshots, all gone. The game's still around, but... Lesson learned: back up your stuff.

That said, here's my reconstruction of the log, and the new stuff going forward:

Pre-contest: Plenty of brainstorming on themes that weren't picked. Tested Py2EXE 0.5, which didn't seem to like to work with OpenGL. So I went back to 0.41. (And ended up not using OpenGL after all.)

Friday Night, April 16th: Brainstormed much. Decided on a multiplayer game (with minimal bot AI) where the players have to fight over a crowd of semi-autonomous NPC creatures. Add in a few powerups, it may be fun.

Got Splitscreen display of floor tiles and placeholder player avatar working.

Wrote simple map reader code

Placeholder pickup art

Saturday Morning, April 17th: NPC creature movement (still placeholder art).

Map walls block movement of PCs

Score display


NPC vs NPC collision system (extent testing in x)

NPCs infect one another, PCs interact with NPC immunity levels.

Pickup spawner, pickups can be picked up

Score display

Saturday afternoon and evening, April 17th:

Sunday morning, April 18th:

Sunday afternoon, April 18th:

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